Kapil’s show back to the top TRP is bad news for Sunil Grover


We all are familiar with the ugly fight between Kapil and Sunil, which almost dismantle the whole team. At that point of time Kapil’s show was losing lot of viewership, but at other side Sunil was celebrating success of his show. At that point of time Kapil was trying to keep his show TRP up.

Kapil have worked hard and planned a lot to regain his TRP, with tedious 2 month hard work Kapil Sharma’s show again came on the top 5 shows. Even in YouTube his show is doing well now.

Entry in Shekhar Dhawan and the rest of the cricketer’s show has softened Kapil’s load. This episode has been seen 8,012,775 times on U tube. Manisha Koirala has seen 6,271,006 special episodes.

Increasingly, this show is continuously moving in the TRP race. Soon will Sunil Grover be seen in the tube-light special episode. If the ratings of this episode proved to be beneficial for Sony TV, then Sunil Grover could bring his new show on Sony TV.

But if Kapil Shaw’s TRP continues to grow like this then bringing two cam shows on the same channel, it would not be possible to do that after Kapil and Sunil’s controversy. In such a situation, Sunil’s new show can be in danger.


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