250+ Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S and Meaning

hindu baby boy names starting with s

Bindaas Dekh

A Name is a personal identity of any person, it’s a term used for identification. Every Age of person has a personal name (also called a “First name”) and the last name (also called a “Family name” or “surname”) it is shared by family members. When a new boy baby or girl baby born, within 1 month gives a unique name by a family member or qualified pandit. A name starts with a single alphabet and this alphabet given by pandit.

Sometimes some people very confused in the case of baby names, they can’t decide which name is good for the newborn baby. Some people also search on Google Hindu baby boy/girl names starting with S and a to z alphabets. Different religion has an own name so if you are Hindu and searching Hindu names for newborn baby boy or girl then, here you will get all the list of Hindu names for boys and girls with a name meaning. Our team collected a huge list of names. Please scroll down and choose your favorite or unique name for your baby.

Hindu Baby Boy Names Alphabets

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Hindu Baby Girl Names Alphabets

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S

Name Meaning Gender Religion
Sanchit Collected Boy Hindu
Shivendra Lord Shiva Boy Hindu
Swarnim The Shining of Gold Boy Hindu
Suyog Good Timing Boy Hindu
Svayam Self, Auto Boy Hindu
Swadhin It Means Independent And Free Boy Hindu
Swanand Name of God Ganesh Boy Hindu
Swapnil Seen in a Dream, Dreamy Boy Hindu
Suhas Smiling Beautifully Boy Hindu
Suryanshu Sunbeam Boy Hindu
Sushim Moonstone Boy Hindu
Sushobhan Very Beautiful Boy Hindu
Sutantu Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu Boy Hindu
Suthiksh Brave Boy Hindu
Sutirth Lord Shiva Boy Hindu
Sutosh One Who Becomes Happy Easily Boy Hindu
Suvimal Pure Boy Hindu
Suyash Illustrious Boy Hindu
Shamish Lord Shiva Boy Hindu
Sharav Pure & Innocent Boy Hindu
Shashwat Ever Lasting, Continuous Boy Hindu
Shaurya Bravery Boy Hindu
Shinoy Peace Maker Boy Hindu
Shivesh Lord Shiva Boy Hindu
Shrinivas Lord Vishnu Boy Hindu


Name Meaning Gender Religion
Shvetavah Lord Indra Boy Hindu
Somesh Moon Boy Hindu
Subodh Sound Advice, Easily Understood Boy Hindu
Satyarth Meaning of Truth Boy Hindu
Saujass Ever Smiling Boy Hindu
Saumil Love to Meet Different Persons Boy Hindu
Saumitr Good Friend Boy Hindu
Sehej Calm Boy Hindu
Selvam Enjoyable Person Boy Hindu
Sashank Moon Boy Hindu
Sarvesh Lord of All Boy Hindu
Sashidhar The Man who carries Sashi(the moon) – other name of lord Shiva Boy Hindu
Sashwat Eternal Boy Hindu
Sarvad Lord Shiva Boy Hindu
Sarvbhanu Name of Sun Boy Hindu
Sarvam Perfect in Everything Boy Hindu
Sathappan Sadhu Boy Hindu
Satchit One with a Good Mind Boy Hindu
Sathvik Virtuous and Another name of Lord Shiva Boy Hindu
Sanshray Aim Boy Hindu
Sanchay Collection Boy Hindu
Sanjan Creator Boy Hindu
Sanskar Good Ethics And Moral Values Boy Hindu
Sanurag Affectionate Boy Hindu
Sanyam Patience Boy Hindu


Name Meaning Gender Religion
Saptanshu Fire Boy Hindu
Sapthagiri Other Name of “Lord Sri Venkateswara” Boy Hindu
Saransh In Brief Boy Hindu
Sambodh Complete Knowledge Boy Hindu
Samdarshi Lord Krishna Boy Hindu
Samesh Lord of Equality Boy Hindu
Samiksh Near to Sun Boy Hindu
Sammad Joy Boy Hindu
Sampath Wealth Boy Hindu
Sampoorn Complete Boy Hindu
Samrat Emperor Boy Hindu
Samvar Content Boy Hindu
Sanatan Permanent Boy Hindu
Sahishnu Lord Vishnu Boy Hindu
Saathvik Calm Boy Hindu
Sachetan Rational Boy Hindu
Sakar Manifestation of God Boy Hindu
Sakash Illumination Boy Hindu
Saksham Capable Boy Hindu
Samadhan Satisfaction Boy Hindu
Samaksh In front Boy Hindu
Samarth Powerful Boy Hindu
Samavart Lord Vishnu Boy Hindu
Sukir To Polish Boy Hindu
SundaraVel Another name for God Murugan Boy Hindu


Name Meaning Gender Religion
SivaPerumal God Sivan Boy Hindu
Sivadasan Devotee of God Sivan Boy Hindu
Sidhan Enlightened Boy Hindu
Singan Brave like a Lion Boy Hindu
Senkadir Brilliant like the Ray of Light Boy Hindu
Senguttuvan A Chera Prince who conquered upto the Himalayas Boy Hindu
Sengannan Visionary Boy Hindu
Sendooran God Murugan Boy Hindu
SendhilVel God Murugan Boy Hindu
Sendhil God Murugan Boy Hindu
Semmal Perfect Boy Hindu
SelvaNambi Prosperous and Confident Boy Hindu
Selvan Prosperous Boy Hindu
Saravanan Another name for god murugan Boy Hindu
SambaSivan God Sivan Boy Hindu
SakthiVel Another name for God Murugan Boy Hindu
Sadaiyan god sivan Boy Hindu
Syama black, the kokila bird, another name for krsna Boy Hindu
Svarupa having one’s own form, handsome, wise Boy Hindu
Svarna gold, a form of ganapati the lord of the ganas Boy Hindu
Suvarna of beautiful colour, a great warrior Boy Hindu
Suvak soft spoken, very learned, a maharsi Boy Hindu
Susila good tempered, a gandharva Boy Hindu
Surya the sun Boy Hindu
Suresa lord of the gods, a son of agni tapa Boy Hindu


These all given above list of Hindu baby names are selected, unique and trending names for new baby boy. I hope you really like this article and our great collection of Hindu names. Please give a feedback on this article via comment box section, also suggest good things to improve our post. Thanks!


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